Anatomicals Apricot face scrub Review

  1. if you never want to see them again, have them bother you anymore or even hear from them via email, text or picture messaging, then this face scrub will help rid your complexion and life of grease, grime and any hulking great dirtball called Daniel. Ok, maybe not Daniel



Hello Lovely people🙋


So today I’m going to introduce you to my new friend, the Anatomicalsget outta my face dirtball!’ apricot face scrub. It is such an amazing face scrub and it is the very first time that I’m actually using it and I thought of writing a review for you all. To be honest, it had me at the very first time try itself.

I recently ran out of my regular face scrub and this was given to me by my bestie, so I thought of giving it a try. Well, it has now become my HOLY GRAIL product to a super glowy and fresh looking skin.

So, if you want to know more about the product, keep reading.

Also feel free to share your thoughts about the product (if ever you’ve tried it) and your thoughts about the post as well. I’d love to hear from you all.


Packaging and Brand name:

The Anatomicals apricot face scrub comes in a pocket-sized sachet. It is a bright orange colour which has some funny and peculiar writings on it, which makes you want to try the product and feel a positive attritube towards it instantly.

The brand is very new to me. And it came up with a very creative and striking name << Anatomicals  “get outta my face dirtball!”  apricot face scrub>>.

Even if it is amounted to only 15ml product in it (which is quite a little), the product can be used for a maximum of 8-10 times.


Smell, texture & consistency:

It smells divine. It has a nice fresh apricot smell. It is the kind of smell which wakes your dull skin up in the morning. It has a thick creamy and smooth texture, with big chunky granules. I thought the granules would be harsh on my skin, but it was the complete opposite. I used it with a face brush and with my fingers, and also with dry and wet face. The outcome was the same on both trials. It did not cause any redness on my face as I have sensitve skin. I could feel the granules doing their job A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y. Like really rubbing off the dirtball outta my face.



  • 👉Does not dry out the skin.
  • 👉Soft and glowy skin.
  • 👉Even tone on the face.
  • 👉Exfoliates the skin deeply.
  • 👉Fresh and Clean face.




Pros✅ Cons❌
  •  Exclusive and Original name.                 
  •  Once opened cannot be sealed. I’d prefer it coming from little tubes or pots.
  •  Nice and Attractive packaging.
  • There are no reseller or outlets and neither is the brand available in Mauritius.
  •  Very refreshing smell.
  • Is expensive for its price(£1.50) assumed it coming from a sachet which is inconvenient for storage.
  •  Has quite a lot of products in the sachet.



Additional informations:

  • The product is available on ASOS, online. You can check out the website and purchase it. ↪[]
  • Once you opened the sachet, you can put the remaining products into a sterilized glass pot for longer use.
  • For more informations about the brand or the product itself, you can check their website: ↪
  • They also have an Instagram page as well : @anatomicalsuk ✔



Well, Well! 😌😌

I hope you guys liked it.

Till next time…



Toodles xx


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