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Welcome back to my blog. I hope you are all doing good.

This blog post was all inspired from all the YouTube videos that I binge watch a lot, and always thought of doing one for myself too. As EID is around the corner, I’ve bought a bunch of makeup products this month(May) and thought why not make a blog post about it and make a review as well for you all.

So without further delay, let’s get into it. Zooooooom….!!!!




The very first makeup product I’m going to introduce you is the Flormar Trio Contour Palette from Flormar.

Honestly, I’m not a contour person. But I love to fancy up sometimes, especially on special occasions. This  is my very first contour palette (Yes I know! Shocking right? LOL). I’m always wearing some light makeup and contouring wasn’t really an essential thing to my makeup routines as I’m already blessed with a small slim face. Then I thought why not give it a try! Let’s get into the trend too.

The palette comes in two different tones:

  • Light to Medium
  • Medium to Dark

I went for the Medium to Dark palette, as I’m a bit on the darker complexion, and I believe that’s what will suit my skin tone well. The packing itself comes with a very attractive dark purple coulour and with some gold confetti– little designs on it and the product’s name and brand. It has a mirror inside and has three pan shades. This little palette comes with 2 different contouring shades and one highlighter. One matte; dark which is the contour shade and two shimmery shades; one bronzy tone and; the other one is lighter which is the highlighter. They are all very buttery and pigmented.

  • The darker shade, is an ashy-brown completely matte shade. Very earthy, very natural. It works really well with my completion. I think it compliments my natural shading effortlessly.
  • The second pan has a more bronzy It has much of a reddish undertone to it. While the darker shade creates the feeling of a shadow on your face, this one gives you a more of a sun-kissed look. I particularly like this on the sides of my nose. It gives me such a nice beachy summer bronzed glowthat I really love and doesn’t look like I really contour my tini tiny nose.
  • The third pan is a gold highlighter. It’s not glittery-blinding kind of highlighter, but just subtly shimmery. And although it looks really muted in the pan, it looks really beautiful when applied on. Much like the bronzer, it gives a very natural, healthy glow to the skin. It’s really really pretty. And it is also very beautiful to wear solo. Just the highlighter, on your bare skin. It gives you a super natural glow.

I’ve used the product very lightly, mainly because I’m not a contour person. And also because I never go full glam with my everyday make up. I apply the darker shade right below my cheeks bones, temples, and forehead — close to my hair line and I try to blend it as best as I can. A little bit on my jaw line and just a little bit under the tip of my nose. Very lightly, I use the bronzer shade to blend my cheeks. I apply it just a little bit above the other shade. I also apply a little bit to the sides of my nose. And blend, blend, blend! If I feel like it’s just too intense — I use the same brush that I applied my foundation with, and I just buff it out, to try and dim it a little bit.

It’s much more work than what I was used to but I actually love the outcome. I don’t do it for everyday, of course. But for when I go out or to a party — which to be honest is not that often, I have a boring social life.

It is a very affordable price palette and works easily on the skin. So if you are on a budget. GET YOU THIS GIRL!





Next we have the Vertige Felt tip liner from Yves Rocher. Honestly, I went a bit crazy over them, and bought 3 different coulors:

  • 03 Vert Foret 
  • 04 Bleu Pensée
  • 05 Bleu Paradis


Three gorgeous colours and those are my fave coulour for my go-to makeup look.

The 03 Vert Foret is of a dark green colour,


The 04 Bleu Pensée is more of a navy blue colour, and


The 05 Bleu Paradis is of a Azure blue/sea blue colour.



I’m not really an eye shadow person, because its too much of a hassel for me and I prefer coloured eyeliners. They are more easy to apply and for me, it really compliments my whole look effortlessly. Its quick to apply, not time consuming and no blending is required.

But yeah! Not that I’m against eyeshadows, but I’ve always had a soft corner for coloured eyelines.

With its fine tip, its easily bendable. You can choose to have a thin or thick eyeliner; which ever suits you best!






Next we have the pur bleuet express eye makeup remover from Yves Rocher. So this lil baby was received as gift on purchase of each Felt tip liner. I’ve never used this before and honestly it had me at the very first try itself.

It has a sort of blue oil and a colourless watery solution. You have to shake the bottle and mix both solutions, and apply on a facial cotton pad. A little goes a long way. I let it sit on my eyes for a good 2-3 seconds before I wipe it off. It does not leave the eye lids dry nor did it cause any reactions to my skin.

This lil baby does the trick really well, and is very travel friendly. Which is a good thing!






Lastly, we have this makeup brush. It looks like a blending brush but in a bigger format. As the contour palette does not come with a brush, I thought of buying a cheap one from Manjoo– Port-Louis.

I’m very satisfied with this brush actually. It’s bristles are very soft and smooth, firm and really blends the product well.



Anyhoo! That’s pretty much it folks! Phew! I know that was a long one. But I tried to give you all the maximum informations and details about each products. I will list the products price down below.



RS 325
RS 199 (each)
  • Makeup Brush
Rs 80


Please let me know about your thoughts. I’d love to know if you tried the products, or if you are to buy it after reading my post. I’d love to hear from you. You can DM me on my IG account [iits_nadra].



Till next time…


Toodles xx


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