“Losing you hurt… But baby, losing my makeup bag would be a tragedy!”

Hey Beautiful people! Hello from the Beauty Corner! This page will trigger the little ladies out there.

Makeup is part of all women daily routine. It’s the time where we get to concentrate fully on us, and giving the attention needed to our skin and take care of our appearance.

So ladies, if you are a makeup junkie and you love to pamper your skin and you like to try and test new makeup products then this page can help you out.

I will be posting all my makeup experiences(and even makeup looks), and tips and also a review of some cosmetics products and skin care products . But please bear with me, as I am not a professional, I’m only sharing my personal experiences about makeup with you all (Your suggestions are most welcome.)

Take out your red lippy, and let’s doll up.

Toddles xx

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