Review: Botanical Lab Turmeric Blemish Control Clay Mask

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Welcome back to another review post. Today, we are going to talk about Turmeric Mask.

If you’re Asian, I’m pretty sure at some point in your life, you’ve worn a home-made Turmeric mask on your face, right? I find home-made masks a bit messy to prepare and as I do not have much free time, I prefer to opt for ready-made masks from shops. The home-made face mask can sometimes stain your skin or clothes if you use do not use the right dosage.

Being a face mask lover, I was gifted this Turmeric Blemish Control Clay mask from my very best friend. So, without further ado, let’s view it together.

# The Mask
The turmeric clay mask comes in a glass jar, and honestly, it contains so much product in that it would last you quite a while (depending on how often you use the mask). It only costs £6.99 and is available from Superdrug, and I kid you not, it definitely worth the amount you pay.

Consistency of the mask is thick, like a cream but with the help of a brush, it can easily spread. It doesn’t contain any lumps and applies smoothly. It has a light yellow color to it, and you can smell the Turmeric on opening. I found the scent a little off-putting at first, but the scent doesn’t bother me.

The turmeric clay mask can be quite strong, and when applied does tingle quite a lot, and for those with sensitivity, it could make it much worse or you could just react to it. Hence, I don’t recommend this mask for people with sensitive skin. I’m not a fan of masks that tingle a lot, but for this mask, I tried to bear with it, thus I have been using it quite often (once a week), so as my skin can build up to resistance to it.

# Does it work?
The mask claims to help in the cleansing of your skin by unclogging pores and removing excess oil, gently exfoliating, removing debris and impurities from your skin as well as reducing blemishes and it’s vegan-friendly too. Super appealing, right?

The first thing I noticed when I first used this mask is that my skin looks like it has a bit of a glow and my skin felt deeply cleansed. The mask aims to leave the skin feeling cleansed without over-drying, whilst keeping blemishes at bay. The clay helps draw out excess oils and impurities from the skin, and the hazel helps tone the skin.

Just like with any product, you have to give it time. It’s not a miracle mask, so if you’re using it to get rid of a spot or pimple overnight, I’m afraid this isn’t the mask for you. But over time, I do find that it helps with a brighter complexion and makes the skin feel cleaner. 

Overall, I’m impressed with this product, it ticks all the boxes too as not only is it super affordable and effective, it’s also vegan-friendly which makes it even more attractive. And would buy this mask again!

Have you tried this mask? Is it something you can see yourself using?

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